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French leaseback resale service


We are a French company specialized in selling and re-selling French leaseback properties in tourism residences, student residences, business residences, senior residences and hotels.
We operate on this specific leaseback resale market since 2008.

Based in Normandy, close to CAEN in France, we have clients all around France and work in partnership with investment advisors to have the more chances to sell the properties in short delays.

Our team has 9 years experience in the leaseback sale business in France so that we perfectly know the market and can assure you to sell at the best price regarding market conditions.


How French leaseback resale works  ?


  • Process to sell a leaseback in France

We always start with a free valuation of your property based on its characteristics, leaseback agreement, financial strength of the tenant, charges…
This market price enables us to determine with you the selling price and start to market your property thanks to the legal selling service contract called “mandat de vente”. ( Please note that the selling of properties by professionals is regulated in France by the “Loi Hoguet”).

When a purchaser is found we write down the selling contract called “compromis de vente”, signed by the buyer and the seller and then transmitted to the notary to register the selling.

  • How long does it take to sell a French leaseback ?

If the property is at market price, it generally takes 2 to 3 months to find a buyer and 3 more months to accomplish all the paperwork and for the notary to be able to register the selling.

  • Commission / fees to sell a leaseback

Selling a leaseback is far more complicated than selling a traditional property. More time is needed to prepare the selling and more time is also needed to explain the scheme to the investor.
Our commission is thus 10% ex Vat of the market price and is paid by the seller upon final signature at the Notary.

  • Fees paid by the seller

Property Checks fees : a technical inspection is to be carried out on the property by a regulated company, usually costing a few hundred Euros, depending on the size of the property.

Syndic fees : the co-ownership management company (syndic) will charge fees for the paperwork to be done to change owner. The amount depends on syndic companies and varies from 200€ up to 450€.


  • Is VAT to be repaid

Since 2006, an addendum to the French financial law has establish that the VAT initially saved by the buyer is not to be repaid under the condition that the property is sold as a leaseback with the existing lease. This is the way we sell leaseback properties.

Testimonials / Client satisfaction with our leaseback resale service

« You have covered all that we needed to know and again I would like to thank you for the excellent and efficient service that you are providing to us. M. B. »

« Thanks again for your implication on our sale. You were always fast to answer and gave us valuable insights. Regards. P. O’R »

« Thank you very much & I will pass on your details to other Irish owners. I was delighted to be able to sell, as I am not in a position to make use of the apartment. D.M. »

« I just wanted to say a sincere thank you to you both for a job well done and for a very professional service provided. In every case you were both very clear and concise to deal with and in each case did exactly what you said you would, on time and as promised. That is much appreciated. Wish you both the best of luck and thank you again. P. C. »

« Thank you very much for the part you played to make it all go so smoothly. Even down to the detail of finding me a translator who was quick efficient and cheap. I will have no hesitation in recommending your office to other Irish people wishing to sell leasebacks in France. G.M.M »


For a free valuation of your property, first step of the selling process, please feel free to fill in and send us our dedicated leaseback resale form.




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